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Hotel Claiton Shin-Osaka


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Every spring Japan celebrates the blooming of cherry blossoms. This event is called hanami and involves admiring the beauty of the blossoming trees.
The beautiful landscapes that this event creates attract every year many visitors, and it is indeed a very cherished celebration by Japanese people.
This involves the whole of Japan and follows the blossoming cycle of the cherry blossom trees: it begins in April in the southern Honshu Island and ends in mid May on the northernisland of Hokkaido.
Check out our spring offers to admire the blossoming cherry trees.


Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun, as one can see looking at the symbol on the national flag. The capital is Tokyo. The archipelago consists of four main islands: Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku. 75% of the territory consists of mountains, and the conic Mt. Fuji is the tallest one.
In the archipelago there are also four volcanic complexes with 165 volcanoes, of which about 60 are still active.
Japan doesn’t have big lakes with the exception of the Biwa, the Inawashiro and the Kussharo. Rivers play a very important role for irrigation throughout the country. Also, there are a number of water and mineral water springs on account of the volcanic nature of the islands.


The weather is temperate and varies from North to South. Japan is divided into six climate zones, each one with peculiarflora. The best time to visit Japan is during spring and fall, thanks to the mild temperatures. Summers begin in June with a humid, monsoon-type of weather and end in July/August, with humidity and high temperatures. Winter is the perfect season to go skiing.


Rice is pretty common in many Japanese recipes, and it is usually steamed using specific electric containers.
In traditional Japanese cooking,there isn’t the concept of a meal with starters, main course, dessert, etc. People share most dishes. Besides rice, Japanese employ steamed vegetables in their food. Sushi (raw fish served on rice), Sashimi (raw fish served sliced), ramen (spaghetti soup), and tempura (deep fried fish and vegetables) are only a few of the dishes that represent Japanese cuisine. Japanese don’t use utensils, but chopsticks called hashi and spoons to eat soups.


Hotels and hostels are divided into buildings for Japanese people and foreigners. The Japanese-reserved buildings have tatami in place of mattresses, and are mostly run by families in the vicinity of mountains or next to the lakes. The hotels for foreigners are the regular international chains with which most travellers are familiar.


Traditional Japanese arts owe a lot to the Zen philosophy. Slowly, Zen philosophy spread worldwide, and many people are now taking inspiration from it in order to achieve the inner enlightenment. Japanese culture is based on the principle of the “ways”, which has an aesthetic meaning as well as a philosophical one. An important element of Japanese tradition is the immediate representation of beauty, which is expressed with a gesture, a sign or a shape. The most common ways are the “cha no yu”, the way of tea; the “ikebana”, the way of flowers; and the “shodo”, the way of calligraphy.


The most used language is Japanese and rarely you’ll hear speaking other languages. English is the only foreign language commonly known, and it’s used mostly in touristic areas by people working in the tourist industry, in the hotels, in the airports, in the stations, etc. Because of the great affluence of Chinese and Korean people, in some areas of Tokyo you might hear speaking Chinese and Korean.


The official currency is the yen (JPY). Japan is linked to the international banking system and it’s very common to pay in cash.


Available Cities (Japan)

Achi - Nagano Prefecture

Agano - Niigata Prefecture

Ageo - Saitama Prefecture

Aira - Kagoshima Prefecture

Aizuwakamatsu - Fukushima Prefecture

Akashi - Hyogo Prefecture

Akita - Akita Prefecture

Ako - Hyogo Prefecture

Amagasaki - Hyogo Prefecture

Amami Oshima - Amami Islands

Ami - Ibaraki Prefecture

Anjo - Aichi Prefecture

Annaka - Gunma Prefecture

Aomori - Aomori Prefecture

Asago - Hyogo Prefecture

Ashikaga - Tochigi Prefecture

Aso - Kumamoto Prefecture

Atami - Shizuoka Prefecture

Atsugi - Kanagawa Prefecture

Awaji Island

Awara - Fukui Prefecture

Azumino - Nagano Prefecture

Beppu - Oita Prefecture

Bungo-Ono - Oita Prefecture

Chiba - Chiba Prefecture

Chichibu - Saitama Prefecture

Chikuma - Nagano Prefecture

Chikusei - Ibaraki Prefecture

Chino - Nagano Prefecture

Chiryu - Aichi Prefecture

Choshi - Choshi Prefecture

Chubu International Airport

Daigo - Ibaraki Prefecture

Daisen - Akita Prefecture

Dazaifu - Fukuoka Prefecture

Ebina - Kanagawa Prefecture

Ena - Gifu Prefecture

Fuefuki - Yamanashi Prefecture

Fuji - Shizuoka Prefecture

Fujieda - Shizuoka Prefecture

Fujikawaguchiko - Yamanashi Prefecture

Fujinomiya - Shizuoka Prefecture

Fujioka - Gunma Prefecture

Fujisawa - Kanagawa Prefecture

Fujiyoshida - Yamanashi Prefecture

Fukaya - Saitama Prefecture

Fukue Island - Goto Islands

Fukui - Fukui Prefecture

Fukuoka - Fukuoka Prefecture


Fukuyama - Hiroshima Prefecture


Gamagori - Aichi Prefecture



Gero - Gifu Prefecture

Gifu - Gifu Prefecture

Gotemba - Shizuoka Prefecture


Hachimantai - Iwate Prefecture

Hachinohe - Aomori Prefecture

Hadano - Kanagawa Prefecture

Hagi - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hakone - Kanagawa Prefecture

Hakuba - Nagano Prefecture

Hakui - Ishikawa Prefecture

Hakusan - Ishikawa Prefecture

Hamada - Shimane Prefecture

Hamamatsu - Shizuoka Prefecture

Hanamaki - Iwate Prefecture

Handa - Aichi Prefecture

Hanno - Saitama Prefecture

Hanyu - Saitama Prefecture

Hashima - Gifu Prefecture

Hashimoto - Wakayama Prefecture

Hatsukaichi - Hiroshima Prefecture

Hekinan - Aichi Prefecture

Higashiagatsuma - Gunma Prefecture

Higashihiroshima - Hiroshima Prefecture

Higashiizu - Shizuoka Prefecture



Himeji - Hyogo Prefecture

Himi - Toyama Prefecture

Hirakata - Osaka Prefecture

Hiratsuka - Kanagawa Prefecture

Hirosaki - Aomori Prefecture

Hiroshima - Hiroshima Prefecture

Hita - Prefettura Di Oita

Hitachi - Ibaraki Prefecture

Hitachinaka - Ibaraki Prefecture

Hitoyoshi - Kumamoto Prefecture

Hkone - Shiga Prefecture

Hofu - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hoki - Tottori Prefecture

Hokkaido - Hokkaido Prefecture

Hokuto - Yamanashi Prefecture

Honjo - Saitama Prefecture

Hyuga - Miyazaki Prefecture

Ibusuki - Kagoshima Prefecture

Ichinomiya - Aichi Prefecture

Ichinoseki - Iwate Prefecture

Iga - Mie Prefecture

Iida - Nagano Prefecture

Iiyama – Nagano Prefecture

Ikeda - Osaka Prefecture

Iki Island - Nagasaki Prefecture

Imabari - Ehime Prefecture

Imari - Saga Prefecture

Ina - Nagano Prefecture

Iraizumi - Iwate Prefecture

Iriomote Island - Okinawa Prefecture

Isahaya - Nagasaki Prefecture

Ise - Ise Prefecture

Isehara - Kanagawa Prefecture

Isesaki - Gunma Prefecture

Ishigaki Island - Okinawa Prefecture

Ishinomaki - Miyagi Prefecture

Itako - Ibaraki Prefecture

Ito - Shizuoka Prefecture

Iwaki - Fukushima Prefecture

Iwakuni - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Iwata - Shizuoka Prefecture

Izu - Shizuoka Prefecture

Izumi - Osaka Prefecture


Izumisano - Osaka Prefecture

Izumo - Shimane Prefecture

Izunokuni - Shizuoka Prefecture

Joetsu - Niigata Prefecture

Joso - Ibaraki Prefecture


Kaga - Ishikawa Prefecture


Kai - Yamanashi Prefecture

Kaizuka - Osaka Prefecture

Kakegawa - Shizuoka Prefecture

Kamaishi - Iwate Prefecture

Kamakura - Kanagawa Prefecture

Kameoka - Kyoto Prefecture

Kameyama - Mie Prefecture

Kamiichi - Toyama Prefecture

Kamogawa - Chiba Prefecture

Kanazawa - Ishikawa Prefecture


Kani - Gifu Prefecture

Kanoya - Kagoshima Prefecture

Karatsu - Saga Prefecture

Kariya - Aichi Prefecture

Karuizawa - Nagano Prefecture



Kashiwa - Chiba Prefecture

Kashiwazaki - Niigata Prefecture

Katsuyama - Fukui Prefecture

Kawaba - Gunma Prefecture

Kawachinagano - Osaka Prefecture

Kawagoe - Saitama Prefecture

Kawaguchi - Saitama Prefecture

Kawasaki - Kanagawa Prefecture

Kawazu - Shizuoka Prefecture

Kesennuma - Miyagi Prefecture

Kikugawa - Shizuoka Prefecture


Kirishima - Kagoshima Prefecture


Kishiwada - Osaka Prefecture

Kiso - Nagano Prefecture

Kisosaki - Mie Prefecture

Kitaibaraki - Ibaraki Prefecture

Kitakami - Iwate Prefecture

Kitakyushu - Fukuoka Prefecture

Kitashiobara - Fukushima Prefecture


Kobe - Hyogo Prefecture

Kochi - Kochi Prefecture

Kofu - Yamanashi Prefecture

Koga - Ibaraki Prefecture

Kohama Island - Okinawa Prefecture

Komagane - Nagano Prefecture

Komaki - Aichi Prefecture

Komatsu - Ishikawa Prefecture

Komono - Mie Prefecture

Komoro - Nagano Prefecture

Koriyama - Fukushima Prefecture

Kosai - Shizuoka Prefecture

Kosaka - Akita Prefecture

Kotohira - Kagawa Prefecture

Kumagaya - Saitama Prefecture

Kumamoto - Kumamoto Prefecture

Kurashiki - Okayama Prefecture

Kure - Hiroshima Prefecture

Kurobe - Toyama Prefecture

Kurume - Fukuoka Prefecture

Kusatsu - Gunma Prefecture

Kusatsu - Shiga Prefecture

Kushimoto - Wakayama Prefecture

Kuwana - Mie Prefecture

Kyonan - Chiba Prefecture

Kyotango - Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto - Kyoto Prefecture

Lake Kussharo

Lake Toya

Lume Island - Okinawa Prefecture

Maebashi - Gunma Prefecture

Maizuru - Kyoto Prefecture

Maniwa - Okayama Prefecture

Marugame - Kagawa Prefecture

Matsudo - Chiba Prefecture

Matsue - Shimane Prefecture

Matsumoto - Nagano Prefecture


Matsusaka - Mie Prefecture


Matsuyama - Ehime Prefecture

Mihara - Hiroshima Prefecture

Mimasaka - Okayama Prefecture

Minabe - Wakayama Prefecture

Minakami - Gunma Prefecture

Minami - Tokushima Prefecture

Minami-Alps - Yamanashi Prefecture

Minamiaso - Kumamoto Prefecture


Minamiboso - Chiba Prefecture

Minamichita - Aichi Prefecture

Minamiizu - Shizuoka Prefecture

Minamioguni - Kumamoto Prefecture

Minokamo - Gifu Prefecture

Misaki - Osaka Prefecture

Misasa - Tottori Prefecture

Misawa - Aomori Prefecture

Mishima - Shizuoka Prefecture

Mito - Ibaraki Prefecture

Miura - Kanagawa Prefecture

Miyako - Iwate Prefecture

Miyako Island - Okinawa Prefecture

Miyakonojo - Miyazaki Prefecture

Miyawaka - Fukuoka Prefecture

Miyazaki - Miyazaki Prefecture

Miyazu - Kyoto Prefecture

Monte Koya - Wakayama

Mooka - Tochigi Prefecture

Morioka - Iwate Prefecture

Moriyama - Shiga Prefecture

Munakata - Fukuoka Prefecture

Mutsu - Aomori Prefecture

Myoko - Niigata Prefecture

Nabari - Mie Prefecture

Nachi-Katsuuranachikatsuura - Wakayama Prefecture

Nagahama - Shiga Prefecture

Nagaizumi - Shizuoka Prefecture

Nagano - Nagano Prefecture

Nagaoka - Niigata Prefecture

Nagasaki - Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagato - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Nagoya - Aichi Prefecture

Nakadori Island - Goto Islands

Nakano - Nagano Prefecture

Nakanojo - Gunma Prefecture

Nakatsu - Oita Prefecture

Nakatsugawa - Gifu Prefecture

Nanao - Ishikawa Prefecture

Nantan - Kyoto Prefecture

Nara - Nara Prefecture

Narita - Chiba Prefecture

Naruto - Tokushima Prefecture

Nasu - Tochigi Prefecture

Nasushiobara - Tochigi Prefecture

Natori - Miyagi Prefecture

Neyagawa - Osaka Prefecture

Nichinan - Miyazaki Prefecture

Niigata - Niigata Prefecture

Niihama - Ehime Prefecture

Nikko - Tochigi Prefecture

Nirasaki - Yamanashi Prefecture



Nobeoka - Miyazaki Prefecture

Noshiro - Akita Prefecture

Nozawaonsen - Nagano Prefecture

Numata - Gunma Prefecture

Numazu - Shizuoka Prefecture

Oarai - Ibaraki Prefecture

Obama - Fukui Prefecture

Odate - Akita Prefecture

Ogaki - Gifu Prefecture

Oiso - Kanagawa Prefecture

Oita - Oita Prefecture

Okayama - Okayama Prefecture

Okinawa Islands - Okinawa Prefecture

Okunoshima Island - Hiroshima Prefecture

Omachi - Nagano Prefecture

Omaezaki - Shizuoka Prefecture

Omihachiman - Shiga Prefecture

Omura - Nagasaki Prefecture

Onjuku - Chiba Prefecture

Ono - Hyogo Prefecture

Onomichi - Hiroshima Prefecture

Osaka - Osaka Prefecture

Osaki - Miyagi Prefecture

Oshu - Iwate Prefecture

Ota - Gunma Prefecture

Otari - Nagano Prefecture

Otsu - Shiga Prefecture

Oyama - Tochigi Prefecture

Ozu - Kumamoto Prefecture

Rebun - Hokkaido Prefecture

Rishiri Island - Hokkaido Prefecture


Sagamihara - Kanagawa Prefecture

Saijo - Ehime Prefecture

Saiki - Oita Prefecture

Saitama - Saitama Prefecture

Sakai - Osaka Prefecture

Sakaide - Kagawa Prefecture

Sakaiminato - Tottori Prefecture


Saku - Nagano Prefecture

Sakura - Chiba Prefecture

Sanda - Hyogo Prefecture

Sanjo - Niigata Prefecture

Sano - Tochigi Prefecture

Sasebo - Nagasaki Prefecture

Satsumasendai - Kagoshima Prefecture

Seki - Gifu Prefecture

Senboku - Akita Prefecture

Sendai - Miyagi Prefecture

Shibata - Niigata Prefecture

Shibukawa - Gunma Prefecture

Shikokuchuo - Ehime Prefecture

Shima - Mie Prefecture

Shimada - Shizuoka Prefecture

Shimoda - Shizuoka Prefecture

Shimonoseki - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Shinano - Nagano Prefecture

Shinjo - Yamagata Prefecture

Shiojiri - Nagano Prefecture

Shirahama - Wakayama Prefecture

Shirakawa - Fukushima Prefecture

Shizukuishi - Iwate Prefecture

Shizuoka - Shizuoka Prefecture

Shobara - Horoshima Prefecture

Shunan - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Soka - Saitama Prefecture

Suita - Osaka Prefecture

Sukagawa - Fukushima Prefecture


Susono - Shizuoka Prefecture

Suwa - Nagano Prefecture

Suzuka - Mie Prefecture

Tahara - Aichi Prefecture

Taiwa - Miyagi Prefecture

Tajimi - Gifu Prefecture

Takachiho - Miyazaki Prefecture

Takaishi - Osaka Prefecture

Takamatsu - Kagawa Prefecture

Takamori - Kumamoto Prefecture

Takaoka - Toyama Prefecture

Takarazuka - Hyogo Prefecture

Takasaki - Gunma Prefecture

Takashima - Shiga Prefecture

Takayama - Gifu Prefecture

Takeo - Saga Prefecture

Taketomi Island - Okinawa Prefecture

Tamana - Kumamoto Prefecture

Tamano - Okayama Prefecture

Tanabe - Wakayama Prefecture

Tanegashima Island - Kagoshima Prefecture

Tateyama - Chiba Prefecture

Tatsuno - Hyogo Prefecture

Tendo - Yamagata Prefecture

Toba - Mie Prefecture

Tokashiki Island - Okinawa Prefecture

Toki - Gifu Prefecture


Tokorozawa - Saitama



Tome - Miyagi Prefecture


Tonami - Toyama Prefecture

Tondabayashi - Osaka Prefecture

Tonosho - Kagawa Prefecture

Tosu - Saga Prefecture

Tottori - Tottori Prefecture

Towada - Aomori Prefecture

Toyama - Toyama Prefecture

Toyohashi - Aichi Prefecture

Toyokawa - Aichi Prefecture

Toyone - Aichi Prefecture

Toyooka - Hyogo Prefecture

Toyota - Aichi Prefecture

Tsu - Mie Prefecture

Tsubame - Niigata Prefecture

Tsukuba - Ibaraki Prefecture

Tsumagoi - Gunma Prefecture

Tsuruga - Fukui Prefecture

Tsuruoka - Yamagata Prefecture

Tsuwano - Shimane Prefecture

Ube - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Uda - Nara Prefecture

Ueda - Nagano Prefecture

Uenohara - Yamanashi Prefecture

Unzen - Nagasaki Prefecture

Uozu - Toyama Prefecture

Urayasu - Chiba Prefecture

Ureshino - Saga Prefecture

Utazu - Kagawa Prefecture

Utsunomiya - Tochigi Prefecture

Uwajima - Ehime Prefecture

Wajima - Ishikawa Prefecture

Wakayama - Wakayama Prefecture

Yaita - Tochigi Prefecture

Yaizu - Shizuoka Prefecture

Yamagata - Yamagata Prefecture

Yamaguchi - Yamaguchi Prefecture


Yamanakako - Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi - Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanouchi - Nagano Prefecture

Yamatokoriyama - Nara Prefecture

Yatsushiro - Kumamoto Prefecture

Yokkaichi - Mie Prefecture

Yokohama - Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokosuka - Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokote - Akita Prefecture

Yonago - Tottori Prefecture

Yonezawa - Yamagata Prefecture

Yoro - Gifu Prefecture

Yufu - Oita Prefecture

Yugawara - Kanagawa Prefecture

Yuki - Ibaraki Prefecture

Yukuhashi - Fukuoka Prefecture

Yura - Wakayama Prefecture

Yurihonjo - Akita Prefecture

Yuzawa - Niigata Prefecture

Zamami Island - Okinawa Prefecture