Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (hereafter referred to as T&C) are applied to all the touristic services offered to the public (hereafter referred to as the Service/s) by an accommodation facility and/or from a supplier of accommodation (hereafter referred to as Accommodation Facility/ies) through the site (hereafter referred as the Site), which offers a dedicated online booking service, complemented by an email or telephone support service, (hereafter referred to as Booking Service/Bookings Services).

Services offered by third parties (hereafter referred to as Third Parties) who use the Site to advertise their offers without using the Booking Service, (for example, but not limited to Attractions, Apartments, Transfers, Yachts, Cruises, Ferries, Hostels, Flights) are exempted from the current T & C.

The present T & C can be changed by HotelsClick at any time and without notice.

Conditions of Use of the Site

Whoever accesses the Site and/or uses it in whatever way or method and/or effects a Booking of the Services offered (hereafter referred to as the Client) must declare that they are 18 years of age or over, and in full capacity to read and accept the current T&C.

The Site and in particular the Booking Service are supplied only and exclusively for the personal, not commercial, use of the Client and/or the person in whose name he/she is acting. Any other use of the same is expressly prohibited ad could constitute a reason to deny the Client access to the Site.

The Client is responsible for the accuracy of personal information and data inserted in the Site, also on behalf of a Third Party. The Client is also liable for all activities conducted through this Website by anyone using their personal credentials.

The Booking Service

HotelsClick supply the Client with the possibility of booking through the Site all the Services offered to them. By making a Booking, the Client purchases the Service concluding the contract directly with the chosen Accommodation Facility.

To this end, we must point out that in order to make a Booking in an Accommodation Facility in Las Vegas (USA), it is expressly required by the latter, to be 21 years of age or over, otherwise the Booking will be void.

All Bookings are strictly personal and cannot be transferred in any way.
Every Booking may be considered for a maximum of 9 people (Individual Client Booking). Should a Booking be made for more than nine people (Group Booking), it will be necessary to request this via email at the address, or to complete the requisite form present on the Website. The Help Service dedicated to this issue will forward the request to the Accommodation Facility in order to complete the Reservation. If, in breach of the above conditions, separate Bookings for more than nine people are made, HotelsClick is able to cancel such Bookings and charge the Client for the cancellation costs, where applicable, and the administration costs for dealing with the matter.

The services covered by the Booking Services are offered by the Accommodation Facility by Instant Confirmation (when the Service is bought by the Client through the Site without the necessity of a prior confirmation by Accommodation Facility) or by On Request (when the Service is sold to the Client via the Site only after confirmation by the Accommodation Facility).
HotelsClick undertakes to update the Client on the status of the On Request within 48 hours (saturday, sunday and holidays excluded).

The Booking Procedure

The Booking Procedure will be considered validly completed:

  • When the Booking has been confirmed by HotelsClick by way of an email to the Client containing the reference number of the same and a voucher with the details of the Services relating thereto.
  • When HotelsClick has received the entire payment envisaged for the Service.

In order to use the Service purchased, it is necessary for the Client to bring a hard copy of the voucher attached to the email confirming the Booking received from HotelsClick, that must be shown to the Accommodation Facility when checking-in.
To this end, it is the sole responsibility of the Client to verify the email confirming receipt of booking sent by HotelsClick, which is generated automatically by the system. Therefore, if the Client does not receive the confirmatory email within twenty-four hours of making the Booking, he/she should contact HotelsClick at the address, requesting that the email is sent once again, and also by fax. HotelsClick is not responsible for any errors contained in the data inserted and/or supplied by the Client at the time of Booking. Nor is HotelsClick responsible for the non-receipt of the Booking confirmatory email because of negligence and /or fault on the part of the Client.

Unenforceability of a Reservation Booking

Where the execution of a confirmed booked Service becomes impossible for reasons not attributable to HotelsClick (for example in the case of overbooking by the Hotel), HotelsClick undertakes to seek for the Client wherever possible, alternative accommodation in an Accommodation Facility of an equal or higher category, having similar characteristics and located in the same situation as the Accommodation Facility chosen, details of which will be communicated to the Client by email and/or telephone. The Client will be free to accept or refuse any alternative identified and communicated within twenty-four hours of the notification. After such time, the substitution will be deemed as accepted.
In the case of refusal, the Client shall be reimbursed only the amount paid at the time of making the Booking.
It is noted that HotelsClick offers such extra services completely free, and will therefore not be held liable in the case where an exactly matching corresponding Accommodation Facility was not found, or the Client is not happy with the Accommodation Facility itself.

Accommodation Facilities

All the accommodation on the Site is accompanied by a brief description, some photographs and indication of the category. Such information is supplied to HotelsClick directly by the Accommodation Facility or Supplier, which is why HotelsClick, whilst agreeing to keep these descriptions and photographs updated in order to help the Client to assess the condition and level of comfort of the accommodation, cannot be held liable for their truthfulness, accuracy or fairness.
The star-based classification reflects the general quality of the Accommodation Facility and of the facilities available within the same. This classification is only for reference and the criterion for awarding the stars varies for each country in relation to the specific requirements of the local authorities. Even within the same country, the standard may vary between facilities of the same category. It is therefore recommended that the description of each Accommodation Facility is carefully read.
HotelsClick does not in any way promote or recommend a specific Accommodation Facility or a particular arrangement.

Definitions of the Types of Rooms

Twin Room: contains two single separate beds;
Double Room: contains a matrimonial bed;
Single Room: contains a single bed;
Triple Room: contains two single beds (or a double bed) plus an extra bed (often “foldaway”), or two double beds. Most Accommodation Facilities do not have a double bed for each guest;
Double Room for single Use: contains two single beds or one double bed;
Quadruple Room: contains two double beds or four single beds, or one double bed and 2 single beds. The rooms identified as Family Room can host two adults and two children up to 12 years of age.;
Twin/double room + cot and/or child up to 12 years old: The hotel will provide a room with 2 single beds or 1 double bed. Extra beds and baby cot cannot be guaranteed prior arrival.

Any specific request relating to the room (extra beds, smoking/non-smoking rooms, rooms with a view, rooms for disabled or others) must be forwarded by email to the address. HotelsClick undertakes to deal with this within 48 working hours of receipt, subject to the availability and the timescales of the Accommodation Facility concerned.

In case of non refundable rooms, please read the section ‘Non refundable rooms’ below.


In the majority of European cities, breakfast is included in the price of the Service.
In any case, under the heading on the Site that identifies the type of room, it is expressly stated whether breakfast is included or not. If breakfast is included, the type is specified (Continental, American or other.) If it is not included, this is indicated as "room only".


A child is considered as such if he/she has not yet reached the age of 12 years at the time of arrival in the Accommodation Facility.
For children under 3 years of age (who have not yet reached this age on their arrival at the premises), it is possible to ask for a baby cot by selecting the appropriate option (“baby cot”) in the available search box.
Some Accommodation Facilities offer discounted tariffs for children’s stays. Any such discounts will be applied at the time of the search for availability, and are therefore already calculated into the final price of the Booking shown on the Site.
Many Accommodation Facilities do not include the presence of an extra bed in the room, but rather offer the possibility of your child sleeping in the available beds, for example, sharing the double bed.
Breakfast for children, at the discretion of the Accommodation Facility, may not be included where they sleep in bed with the parents, or where there is no charge for the extra bed provided for them: in such cases, breakfast will be paid directly by the Client.

Compulsory Travel Documents

It is the responsibility of the Client and those who accompany him/her to be certain to possess and/or obtain the identity documents required by the regulations of the countries visited (such as passports and visas) as it is their sole responsibility to check the existence of the health requirements requested and the necessity and or possibility that they should undergo any medical treatment necessary and/or recommended. For these reasons, it is strongly recommended that travel insurance is taken out that provides adequate coverage in the event of trip cancellation and lost luggage in the event of illness or accident.

Terms and Conditions of Payment

The payment for the Service must be made at the time of Booking by way of a valid credit card, and accepted by the system in use. The used for the payment is that selected by the Client at the time of the Booking.
HotelsClick receive these payments in the name and on behalf of the Accommodation Facility chosen.

If the Service selected by the Client is in Immediate Confirmation, the transaction will be effected immediately and the Booking will be confirmed. Should the Client wish to make the payment by a different method, for example by bank transfer, he/she must contact HotelsClick’s call centre.

If the Service selected by the Client is On Request, the transaction is only pre-authorised and no amount will be taken until up to the moment in which:

  • The Accommodation Facility chooses to confirm its availability and, consequently, the Booking is confirmed by email;
  • The Accommodation Facility chooses not to confirm its availability but the Client decides to accept one of the alternatives identified by HotelsClick by email; If, on the contrary, the Client decides not to accept any alternative, the pre-authorisation will be interrupted and the relevant amount will be fully released.

Some Accommodation Facilities offer to the Client the possibility to pay for the Service directly on arrival at the premises. Should the Client choose such a payment method, at the time of Booking, only the credit card number will be requested to guarantee the same. The Client will pay the whole amount required for the Service on arrival at the Accommodation Facility (excluding offers with a "Not refundable" clause for which instead in each case only the total amount of the Service at the time of booking will be taken).

Clients are assured that their credit card details cannot be intercepted in any way, shared or viewed by the staff of HotelsClick since they are transferred directly from the Client’s bank account by Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) accompanied by the reference number of the Booking.
HotelsClick takes the problem of credit card fraud very serious, the reason for which each Client, in order to make a Booking, will have to supply their own password "verified by visa" or their own "secure mastercode".

Tariffs and Taxes

The Booking Service supplied by HotelsClick is completely free: HotelsClick does not make any cost or supplementary charge to the Client so as to ensure absolutely transparent and competitive rates.

The tariffs that are indicated on the Site as the total price of such Service are inclusive of all applicable taxes, with the exception of those local ones that cannot be assessed in advance (such as, for example, but not limited to, the "overnight stay tax", the club card, the resort fee).
HotelsClick is constantly committed to avoiding errors and/or omissions in each part of the Site. However, should a price which is manifestly wrong be shown on the Site because of a factual error, HotelsClick will not be held liable and, indeed, may correct the price of the Booking even if it has already been confirmed. In such an event, the Client will have the possibility of keeping the Booking at the correct price or to cancel without any penalty. 

The tariffs published by HotelsClick are generally valid for all Clients, regardless of their nationality of origin.
However, the Accommodation Facilities have the possibility to reserve special tariffs only for some markets, inserting the heading in English "rates are valid / not valid for..." followed by a list of countries to which the same are not applicable. Such a note will be highlighted during the Booking process, in the page where personal data is inserted, in the paragraph "Note" in the "Check your booking" section.
In the presence of such a heading, Clients are therefore invited to verify the applicability of the rate selected to their own nationality of origin before completing the Booking.
If the tariff appears not to be applicable to the Client, the Booking would not be considered valid by the Accommodation Facility. The Client will therefore have the possibility of maintaining the Booking made, at an additional fee equal to the difference between the special rate and that properly applicable, subject to the availability of the Accommodation Facility, or, may change the Booking made by choosing a different Accommodation Facility. Otherwise, after notice from HotelsClick’s Customer Care Department, the Booking will be cancelled, charging the Client the penalty specified by the cancellation procedures.
In any event, HotelsClick will not be held liable for the non-acceptance of the voucher on arrival at the Accommodation Facility and/or for the request of the Accommodation Facility to pay an additional fee on the spot caused by a Booking made at a rate that is not valid.

Services not included in the tariffs

All the Services not expressly indicated in the voucher (such as, but not limited to, pay TV, minibar, room service) are charged to the Client and will need to be paid directly on the spot prior to leaving the Accommodation Facility. In no event may the Client request a refund of such expenses from HotelsClick.

Vouchers and Conditions of Use

The vouchers issued by HotelsClick are freely usable to make a Booking at whatever Accommodation Facility present on the Site, with the exception of those that subscribe to the offer "Book Now, Pay at the Hotel".
The vouchers are not cumulative and therefore it is possible to use only one voucher per Booking, they are non-refundable and do not have any monetary value, outside their recognized purpose for this promotion.
If the dates are subsequently changed by the Client, the same voucher may not be used for the new period of stay.

Affiliate Cashback Sites

HotelsClick has affiliation relationships with many Italian and foreigner cashback websites. Using coupons on these sites is not allowed, unless there is a clear link between the website and the coupon, otherwise cashback will be cancelled.


Each change concerning the Booking must be requested by the Client via email to the address and will be made depending upon the sole discretion regarding availability of the Accommodation Facility.
During periods coinciding with a fair or a special event (or in which exhibitions are organised and/or national and international events, for example, Fashion Week, International Festival, Oktoberfest), each change concerning a Booking could, at the sole discretion of the premises, incur a penalty equal to 100% of the total amount of the booked Service.


Each Accommodation Facility sets a deadline by which the Client may cancel the Booking made.
This deadline, which is usually fixed five days before the arrival of the Client at the Accommodation Facility, may vary depending upon the Accommodation Facility itself and the length of stay. The closing date for the cancellation of each Booking is clearly visible on the Site both before completing the Booking and in the email confirming the same.
When the closing date for the cancellation is prior to the date of the creation of the Booking, it means that in the event of cancellation, the Service is non-refundable (read the paragraph ‘Non refundable rooms’ below).

It should be noted that the Booking cancellation procedure described here may be significantly different to those applied by individual Accommodation Facility to direct customers (i.e. those who make a Booking directly with the Accommodation Facility) due to contractual obligations that HotelsClick has with them.

- Cancellation Procedure before the "deadline"

The cancellation of a Booking before the "deadline", must be effected through the "My Bookings" link displayed on the Home Page of the HotelsClick Website on the top right.

To access the page relating to the Booking, it is necessary to type the email address provided during registration and the Booking number (for non-registered Clients) or the password (for registered Clients). Once the list is seen with the overview of the Bookings made, simply click on the red "Cancel Booking" link on the lower right to cancel the Booking.
Alternatively, it is possible to send a request to cancel via email to the address. In such an event, however, the burden of responsibility will be on the Client to check that the email was successfully received and acted upon according to the terms by HotelsClick.
The booking cancellation, before the deadline, is always free of charge unless specified.

- Cancellation Procedure after the "deadline"

The cancellation of a Booking after the "deadline", must be requested via email to the address.
In such an event however, the burden of responsibility will be on the Client to check that the cancellation email was correctly received and acted upon by HotelsClick.
The cancellation penalty for a reservation after the "deadline" must always be checked with customer support, who will inform the customer of the amount that will be charged at the time of the cancellation request.

- Cancellation Procedure during periods of fairs or special events

During periods that coincide with a fair or a special event, the cancellation of an already confirmed Booking , and also in the form of a reduction in the number of room and/or the number of nights booked, will incur a penalty equal to 100% of the stay.

All Bookings on request that have not yet been confirmed may, instead, be cancelled at any time without any penalty.

Non refundable rooms

While booking, you may notice the room you want to book is listed as Non Refundable. Such rooms have special rates, that is why, once booked, you cannot change or cancel the booking. No refund in case of cancellation. Another element indicating a non refundable room is that the cancellation deadline predates the booking's creation.

Failure to arrive at the Accommodation Facility (No Show)

If guests do not show up at the hotel on the date indicated on the voucher ("No Show") or if they leave the hotel earlier than scheduled, it will no longer be possible to cancel the booking and the total price of the reservation will be charged.
Except in cases where the Accommodation Facility decides to apply more favourable conditions to the Client, the amount paid for the entire stay will not be refunded.

Early Departure

In the event that the Client brings forward the scheduled departure date from the Accommodation Facility, except in cases where the Accommodation Facility decides to apply more favourable conditions to the Client, the amount paid or to be paid for the nights that have not been used will not be refunded or will be charged on a regular basis.


HotelsClick will normally arrange to make refund payments due under the preceding points, on the day of receipt of the cancellation email. The refunds will be credited to the credit card that the Client used for the Booking.
If the refund is not received within twenty working days from the day of cancellation, we recommend that Clients contact the issuer of their credit cards direct.


By making a Booking, the Client will have the possibility to consent to receive information, suggestions and offers relating to his/her destination or deemed to be of interest by HotelsClick or, on their behalf by third parties, a list of which may be obtained by contacting Customer Services at the address.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Upon return, the Client will receive an email containing an invitation to complete a review of the Accommodation Facility. Such reviews will be published in an anonymous form (only the name of the Client’s city of origin will be visible) on the page of the Site dedicated to Accommodation Facilities, the sole purpose of which is to supply future guests with a realistic judgement about the level of service and quality offered.
HotelsClick reserves the right to change, refuse or remove reviews and/or vulgar and/or inappropriate expressions.


Complaints relating to the Booking Service supplied by HotelsClick must be submitted to the same, on via email or registered post, on penalty of forfeiture, within and not more than 30 working days from the occurrence of the alleged inefficiency.

Complaints relating to the Services supplied by the Accommodation Facility, must, at risk of otherwise becoming invalid, be brought to the direct attention of the Accommodation Facility involved, during the stay there.
Should the Client not reach an agreement with the Accommodation Facility during the stay, he/she must forward the complaint to HotelsClick via email or registered post, subject to forfeiture, within and not more than 30 working days of his/her departure from the Accommodation Facility.
In such an event, it is strongly recommended that the Client does not wait until his/her return, but rather should proceed whilst in situ in order to obtain immediate satisfaction.
HotelsClick will then forward the complaint to the Accommodation Facility and/or Supplier concerned, and if necessary pay to the Client the refund which shall be authorised by the latter to the extent and in the manner determined by them.
HotelsClick reserves a minimum of 45 working days from receipt of the complaint to process the same and send feedback to the Client.

Responsibility of HotelsClick

HotelsClick may be held liable only for direct damages that may be suffered by the Client as a result of the failure or defective performance of the Booking Service, unless the event is derived directly or indirectly from the Client or by circumstances beyond their control, or by circumstances that could not have been reasonably foreseen.
By way of example that may be considered as being beyond their control:

  • Unforeseeable circumstance and force majeure
  • Acts of violence, riots, civil commotion, acts of terrorism and revolution;
  • Actions of public authorities, governmental organisations or of other authorities (comprising, among others, the refusal or the revocation of licences and/or authorisations)
  • Fires, floods, lightning, explosions, fog or adverse meteorological conditions, interruptions and/or failure to provide such a service (such as, among others, electricity, gas, water and telecommunication systems);
  • Strikes, lockouts or boycotts, embargoes and blockades 

The maximum amount of compensation payable may not in any case exceed the cost of the Service bought by the Client at the time of reservation.

In addition to any cases referred to in the previous points, HotelsClick shall not be held liable for the failure on the part of the Accommodation Facility regarding obligations relating to the Services offered to the Client.
Any deficiency in the provision of qualitative services provided and any differences in the description of rooms, communal areas and, in general, the accommodation, shall be treated as the full and exclusive responsibility of the Accommodation Facility or Supplier.
Lastly, HotelsClick may not be held responsible in any way for the contents and the images supplied by the Accommodation Facility or Supplier.

HotelsClick may not in any way be held liable for any damage caused to the Client by information, booking and purchases of touristic services supplied by a Third Party who uses the interface of the Site exclusively to publicise their offers, without using the Booking Service operated by HotelsClick (such as, for example, but not limited to, Apartments, Attractions, Transfers, Yachts, Cruises, Hotels, Flights).

Intellectual Property Rights

The Site, in its complete form, is the exclusive property of HotelsClick Srl, which owns all rights including the rights of intellectual property and industrial rights, rights for trademarks and images used in it as well as those relating to the format and protected by copyright.
It is expressly forbidden to use this material for purposes other than those expressed in the current T & C.


HotelsClick recommends that Clients inspect the information on the treatment of personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 in the section of the Website and to read the conditions of the security of transactions, which are considered an integral part hereof.

Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Original Language

The current T&C are governed by Italian law.
Any dispute relating to the conclusion, validity, interpretation and enforcement of the payment obligations arising from these T & C shall be referred exclusively to the Court of Venice, without prejudice to the other provisions of law relating to consumer protection.

The original text of these current T & C is in Italian. Any translation of the same in other languages is considered to be devoid of any legal value. In the event of any dispute, the Italian text will prevail over its translation.