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Obtain the Maximum for Your Hotel and Reach Potential New Clients Around the World

HotelsClick.com allows you to push your sales to the maximum for your accommodation structure and add potential new clients in every corner of the world, giving you exclusive benefits.

 Free Registration
To insert your hotel on HotelsClick.com does not incur any cost or fee.

 Global Visibility
Every month millions of travellers from all parts of the world visit our site and they could  choose your own hotel.

 Updating in Real Time
You will have access to our extranet, or you could use the Channel Manager if you prefer, to manage tariffs and availability easily and at your discretion.

 Parity Rate Guarantee
The price of your rooms will always and only be decided by you, in accordance with the agreed commission.

 Secure Payments
You will be safe from any fraud thanks to our efficient and reliable safety systems.

 Winning Promotional Strategies
Our marketing web space will promote your hotel on the most effective channels:  search engines, social media, newsletter and publications.

 Dedicated Account
Once you have inserted your hotel, one of our experts will be available to provide all necessary assistance for the duration of our partnership.

 Multilingual Help for your Clients
Our call centre supplies multilingual support to your clients by email, chat and telephone.

We can’t wait to start working together!

Write an email to addmyhotel@hotelsclick.com to connect with our team who will support you through the registration process and will give you all the information you need so that travellers from around the world can start booking your hotel's rooms.