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Our FAQ, the Most-Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

Here are some of the questions that our users most frequently ask.

For convenience, we have divided them into 7 groups, according to the subject.

The most frequent requests by far are those relating to prices plus taxes, to making a hotel reservation, how to confirm, amend or cancel a reservation, to the method of payment and to refunds.


Are the taxes included in the reservation price?

Are the prices per person or per room?

Is breakfast included in the price of the room?

Why have the prices changed since the last time I looked?

Why are the prices of HotelsClick lower than the prices shown on the hotel sites?

What does the phrase "rates are not valid for...." mean?

How can I take advantage of a discount?

Bookings management

How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed?

I cannot print my voucher. What must I do?

I have lost my voucher. How can I replace it?

Must I confirm my reservation directly with the hotel?

How do I obtain access to my booking?

How can I alter my booking?

How can I cancel my booking?

What is the deadline for cancellation?

What happens if I cancel my booking before the deadline?

What happens if I cancel my booking after the cancellation deadline?

Why is the cancellation deadline prior to the date of the creation of the reservation?

How can I be refunded?

I am waiting for a refund, but it has not arrived yet. What must I do?

Credit Cards

Is it possible to make a reservation without a credit card?

Which credit cards can I use to make the booking?

Are there additional costs for a payment by credit card?

Is my credit card number protected?

Why won’t HotelsClick accept my credit card?

Must I always use the same credit card to make a reservation on HotelsClick?

What is pre-authorisation?

How long does the lock on my credit card last?


What is the difference between a double room and a twin room?

Are the rooms always with a private bathroom?

What does the phrase "non refundable" next to the type of room mean?

What does "Immediate Confirmation" mean?

What does "on request" mean?

What are the response times for a reservation on request?

I do not like my room. What can I do?

Trips with Children

Up to what age is a person considered a child?

Is it possible to request a cot in the room?

I have 2 children: can I book a family room?

Is there a reduced price for children?

Is breakfast for children included in the price?

Other requests

I have a specific request. What should I do?

I would like to extend my hotel stay. How can I do this?

What happens if I arrive late at the hotel? Will I still be able to check in?

What must I do to obtain an invoice?

I booked with you using one of your voucher codes on a cashback site, but did not get the money back. Can you tell me why?

Customer Reviews

How and when can I write a review for a hotel?

Can I change my review of the hotel?

Why hasn’t my review been published yet?


If you have a question that you do not find on our list, contact us without obligation to obtain an answer:  we will be happy to help you.



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