Our FAQ, the Most-Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

Here are some of the questions that our users most frequently ask.

For convenience, we have divided them into 7 groups, according to the subject.

The most frequent requests by far are those relating to prices plus taxes, to making a hotel reservation, how to confirm, amend or cancel a reservation, to the method of payment and to refunds.

If you have a question that you do not find on our list, contact us without obligation to obtain an answer:  we will be happy to help you.
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Are the taxes included in the reservation price?

Yes, the taxes are included in the total price that is indicated on our reservation system.  We do not add any supplementary costs, and so you can be sure that the price you see is the price you will pay.

Please note:  local taxes are excluded, for example the city tax,  that we are unable to assess in advance.

Are the prices per person or per room?

The prices published on our site show the cost of the room for the duration of the visit.

Is breakfast included in the price of the room?

It depends on the hotel’s offer.  Under the type of room, it is indicated whether or not breakfast is included, if it is bed only, or half board.

For the "Book Now, Pay at the Hotel" offers, it is possible to establish if breakfast is included in the Summary Page that you see before confirming the reservation.

Why have the prices changed since the last time I looked?

The prices are quoted in the currency requested, and these are subject to market fluctuations, therefore they can change daily with the exchange rate. 
Also, the hoteliers continually change their prices according to the availability of their hotel.

Why are the prices of HotelsClick lower than the prices shown on the hotel sites?

Hotelsclick operates as a wholesale seller, i.e. a large number of rooms are contracted to us in each hotel.  Because we pay for these rooms in advance, the hotel sells to us at a lower price, therefore our saving becomes our clients’ saving.

What does the phrase "rates are not valid for...." mean?

If you find the phrase "rates are not valid for..." on the Reservation Page, before the form where you insert your details, it means that the tariff indicated is not applicable for every market.  Check that your country is not mentioned, otherwise we shall be forced to offer a different price (generally higher), or to cancel the reservation, only debiting you for the administration fee. 

How can I take advantage of a discount?

Insert the discount in the "Promotional code" field that you find in the Search Box of our Home Page.

Please note:  discounts are not valid for the "Book Now, Pay at the Hotel" offers.  So, to take advantage of them, you need to select a hotel that does not adhere to this policy.

Bookings management

How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed?

A reservation in HotelsClick should only be considered confirmed when the status of the reservation changes to "Confirmed" in the Summary Page.
As soon as the payment has been validated, you will receive a confirmatory email with a voucher attached to give to the hotel.

I cannot print my voucher. What must I do?

If you are unable to print your voucher, contact us and give us your fax number.  If you do not have a fax, we can send the fax directly to the hotel.

I have lost my voucher. How can I replace it?

You can print your voucher at any time by accessing the "My Bookings" section (you can find the link at the top right-hand corner of our site!)

Must I confirm my reservation directly with the hotel?

No.  The only thing you need to do is to print the email received from HotelsClick, the one that confirms your reservation and payment:  it is your voucher, the document that you must provide to the hotel at check-in.

Please note:  Since HotelsClick has already some rooms reserved, quite often the name of guests are only provided to the hotel 72 hours prior to arrival.  Therefore, if you decide to contact the hotel, do not be concerned if the management are not yet in possession of your details.

How do I obtain access to my booking?

You can access the booking in your personal "My Bookings" area: you can find the link at the top right-hand corner of our Home Page.
If you already registered, you only need to insert your email and your password.
If you are not registered, insert your email and the reservation number.

How can I alter my booking?

To change a confirmed booking, you need to send an email to, providing the reservation number and the change that you need to make.

How can I cancel my booking?

If the deadline for cancellation has not yet passed, you can cancel your reservation directly on our site, entering in your personal "My Bookings" area.

If the deadline for cancellation has passed, you need instead to send an email to providing your reservation number.

What is the deadline for cancellation?

The deadline for cancellation is the date by which you can cancel your reservation free of charge.

What happens if I cancel my booking before the deadline?

The booking cancellation, before the deadline, is always free of charge unless specified.

What happens if I cancel my booking after the cancellation deadline?

If you cancel your hotel reservation after the "cancellation deadline", you always need to verify the penalty fee applied with our customer service who will notify you about the amount charged at the time of the cancellation request.

Why is the cancellation deadline prior to the date of the creation of the reservation?

When the cancellation deadline is prior to the date of the creation of the reservation, it means that the reservation is "non-refundable" and, in the case of cancellation, there is no guarantee of any refund.

How can I be refunded?

The refund is credited to the credit card that you used for the booking.

I am waiting for a refund, but it has not arrived yet. What must I do?

HotelsClick provide the refund on the same day of the cancellation. There are, however, cases in which a refund may take several days owing to banking procedures.
If you have not yet received a refund, please contact your bank directly or the provider of your credit card. If you are still unable to resolve the problem, contact our Customer Care Department.

Credit Cards

Is it possible to make a reservation without a credit card?

Certainly, it is possible to make a reservation without a credit card, by contacting our Call Centre.  This option is available only for reservations that are not close to the booking date.

Which credit cards can I use to make the booking?

For bookings in Euros and Dollars, we accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.
For all other currencies, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

Are there additional costs for a payment by credit card?

No, there are no additional costs if you pay with a credit card because HotelsClick absorb all the costs, whichever card is used.

Is my credit card number protected?

Yes, absolutely.  HotelsClick use the security standard offered by SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) and PCT (Private Communication Technology), compatible with the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera).
These technologies encode your personal information, for example your credit card number, making it available exclusively to you and the payment system provided by our bank.
Thanks to this system of encryption, using the internet is more secure than buying by telephone!

Why won’t HotelsClick accept my credit card?

Check that you have inserted all the information correctly:  the card number, type, and expiry date and the CVV (the last three digits found on the back of the card).
Also check that the credit limit of your credit card is sufficient for the transaction.  If the problem occurs again, contact our Customer Care Department.

Must I always use the same credit card to make a reservation on HotelsClick?

No.  You may use whichever credit card is in your name because HotelsClick do not retain any information on credit card numbers: the transaction is conducted directly with our bank.

What is pre-authorisation?

When you make a booking on request, HotelsClick temporarily lock the cost of the booking on your credit card.
No debit charge will be made until the moment of confirmation.
If the booking is not accepted by the hotel, the entire amount will be released and will  immediately be made available again.

How long does the lock on my credit card last?

If the release is made on the same day as the transaction, the crediting is immediate.  Usually, there will not be any transaction on your statement.

In the case in which, however, the release is effective in successive days, the time depends upon your bank or your credit card provider.


What is the difference between a double room and a twin room?

A double room has a matrimonial bed, a twin room has two separate single beds. Both types are suitable to host a maximum of two people.

Are the rooms always with a private bathroom?

Yes, all rooms have a private bathroom, if it is not indicated otherwise.

What does the phrase "non refundable" next to the type of room mean?

It means that it is not possible to make changes to the booking because it is for rooms that have a special price.  In the case of cancellation, no refund is provided.

What does "Immediate Confirmation" mean?

It means that the room is available immediately, because it is already contracted to HotelsClick.  In other words, when your booking is confirmed, the room will be guaranteed. 

What does "on request" mean?

This indicates an internal procedure that we activate when all the rooms of a hotel that are assigned to us are already booked. In other words, we ask the hotel if there are any other rooms available. 
The request may be successful or unsuccessful.
If the hotel allows us to have the room, we shall send the voucher to confirm your reservation.
If, instead, the hotel does not allow us to have the room, we shall send an email with some alternative options that you can consider. If none of our suggestions are acceptable, your reservation will be cancelled and no charge will be levied to your credit card.

What are the response times for a reservation on request?

The response times depend upon the hotel.  At HotelsClick, we are committed to respond to you within 48 hours (Sundays and holidays excluded).

I do not like my room. What can I do?

As a first step, we advise you to talk to the hotel manager.
If the manager is unable to help you, contact our Call Centre in order that we can talk directly with the hotelier, or in some cases, also suggest other accommodation.

For us, it is important to resolve the problem so that you can really enjoy your holiday.

Trips with Children

Up to what age is a person considered a child?

A person is considered a child under 12 years of age up to the moment of arrival in the hotel.

Is it possible to request a cot in the room?

Certainly.  You just need to select the option "cot" in the Search Box.  A cot can be requested for children under 3 years of age. 

I have 2 children: can I book a family room?

It depends on the age of the children.

If the children are older than 3 years, you can choose a quadruple room, or two separate rooms directly in the Search Box.
Alternatively, send an email to to request a room with two extra beds.

If the children are different ages, for example one is older than 3, the other is younger than 3 years of age, in the Search Box, under the heading “Select Room Type”, you can choose one of the following options:

- Double room plus 1 child

- Twin room plus 1 child

In this way, you can be certain that the room will have an extra bed for the child who is older than 3.  For the child under 3 years of age, select the "cot" option.

Is there a reduced price for children?

It depends on the hotel.  Some hotels offer a reduced tariff for children.  In every case, any eventual discounts are calculated at the time of searching for availability and therefore, they are already included in the final price.

Is breakfast for children included in the price?

It depends on the hotel.  Breakfast may not be included in cases where a child sleeps in a bed with the parents, or is not subject to a surcharge for an extra bed.

Other requests

I have a specific request. What should I do?

For whatever special request (extra beds, smoking/non-smoking rooms, rooms with a view, rooms for the disabled, etc.,) just send an email to

However, please note that this type of requests is subject to hotel's availability.

I would like to extend my hotel stay. How can I do this?

If you have not yet departed, just telephone our Call Centre, we will help you to change your booking.
If you are already in the hotel, call us anyway, you could continue your stay taking advantage of our discounted prices!

What happens if I arrive late at the hotel? Will I still be able to check in?

It is always best to advise us of a late arrival to avoid an unpleasant surprise on arrival at the hotel.  If your arrival is anticipated to be after 21.00, we recommend that you write an email to We shall inform the hotel!

What must I do to obtain an invoice?

During the reservation, in the section relating to personal details of the contact person, you will find written "Do you wish to receive an invoice?" Select the option and the fields to complete will appear.

If you require an invoice but have already completed the reservation, send an email to with the following information: corporate name, complete address, VAT code or personal Financial Code.

I booked with you using one of your voucher codes on a cashback site, but did not get the money back. Can you tell me why?

The use of coupons and codes on cashback sites is not allowed, unless the coupon is explicity advertised on the cashback site. If the used code has no connection with the site, commission is not credited to the cashback site and the user will receive no money back.

Customer Reviews

How and when can I write a review for a hotel?

You can only write a review if you have stayed at the hotel.

After returning from your trip, you will receive an email with an invitation to leave us a comment on your experience.

Guidelines for writing a review

Your contribution is important!

If you have booked a hotel on our site, on your return from your stay, we will send you an email asking you to share your experience with other holidaymakers.

Only customers who have booked their stay at can write a review. This way we can make sure that all the reviews on our site are real and truthful.

Try and be detailed when you write your review, highlighting both positive and negative aspects, this way you will allow other customers to make an informed choice on where to stay.

Remember to follow our guidelines to make sure your review is approved:

  • Only refer to your experience at the property
  • Do not submit political, religious, sexist or racist comments
  • Do not write with violent or vulgar language
  • Do not load inappropriate photos or of underage people
  • Do not include promotional material
  • Do not submit comments or questions to hotel staff
  • Do not indicate rates or price information
  • Do not enter email or postal addresses, phone numbers, social media usernames or similar

Reviews that violate these guidelines may be removed.

Any problems concerning the services of will be forwarded to Customer Support.

Can I change my review of the hotel?

No.  Unfortunately, once sent, the review cannot be altered.

Why hasn’t my review been published yet?

Every day, we receive many reviews and our staff rigorously check each one to avoid the publication of vulgar or inappropriate comments.

There may therefore be some delay in publication.  We guarantee, however, that all reviews, positive and negative, will be published.