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Spring is coming. And the general awakening effects anyone and anything, bringing about an insane craving for travel. Here you are the best spring break destinations for this year, indeed the most flowering.
Spring break ideas for a unique holiday

Spring is in the air. Actually, on March 20th/21st, the spring equinox occurred marking the official and astronomical start of spring, at least in the northern hemisphere.
And with spring, the whole of nature seems to awake after the winter's cold and darkness. Days last longer and temperatures caress us more gently, which make us more willing to go out, meet people and, of course, travel.

Talking about spring breaks and holidays, we decided to select some of the best places in the world where the spring arrival is particularly evocative and, as it were, flowery.
In total, 7 truly special places where nature is celebrating the beginning of spring putting on unique shows, full of colours and scents.

From Italy to Belgium, from Bulgaria to Holland, from France to South Africa as far as Japan: here is our journey through the most beautiful and colourful gardens on the planet, endless stretches of roses, tulips, daisies, hyacinths, lavender plants and cherry trees.

Here are our spring ideas for you.

Spring bank holiday in Italy

In Italy, precisely in the province of Verona, the Parco Giardino Sigurtà is the perfect destination for a delightful weekend of spring in one of the most beautiful natural parks of the country, as well as one of the most important flowering displays in Italy. A true triumph of colours and perfumes, only a few kilometres from Lake Garda, another jewel of the Italian territory.

Spring break in Europe

If you want to organize your spring break in Europe, we recommend 3 different locations you may choose from:
  1. the Rose Valley, in Bulgaria
  2. Keukenhof Park, in Holland
  3. the Blue Forest of Halle, in Belgium
No doubt, the choice is not an easy one, considering the peculiar beauty of each place.

Spring travel to Japan

Last, but not least, if you have in mind a trip overseas, why not head off to Japan and enjoy along with the local population the traditional cherry blossom, a pink wave that crosses the country from South to North between the months of March and May (the southernmost areas, flowering starts in January).

2 off-season bloomings

If this spring you do not have the chance to organize a vacation, not even a short weekend, don't worry because some bloomings will be going on in summer.

This is the case of the lavender in Provence that, from June to August, literally turns the French region into beautiful lilac palettes.

Otherwise, there is a small region in the Republic of South Africa, known as Namaqualand, where, between August and September, the mainly arid soil leaves the stage to a colourful and lush garden with flowers of every type, extraordinary colours and sublime scents.

You can get more information on the afore-mentioned destinations visiting the special spring page we have published on our blog.
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