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Thailand, also known as “The Land of Smile”, for its hospitality and the kindness of its inhabitants, is a wonderful tropical paradise with Buddhist temples, breathtaking islands and natural landscapes that wait to be discovered.
It is not a case Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the entire world, a wonderful realm that will surely leave a mark on you. Its flavour, smells and colours perfectly match its history and its culture.
Their most renewed cities are in fact remarkable. Places like Bangkok, its capital, and Chiang Mai are very noisy places that still kept their charm. Or the enchanting beauties of places such as the Phuket and Ko Samui islands are something you will hardly forget.
A destination for those willing to relax on tropical beaches, visit its national parks or its many monuments.

Seaside Tourism

Millions of tourists come every year to Thailand for its beaches, not only for the beauty of a crystal clear, shallow sea, but also for the many water sports which can be practised here, such as immersions, canoe, swimming, snorkelling, windsurf, birdwatching and fishing.
The Gulf of Thailand hosts the Koh Chang Archipelagus, with the Koh Rang Sea Park and Koh Kood, Koh Mak and Koh Wai islands. These places represent some real tropical paradises, the ideal places for those willing to see uncontaminated landscapes.

Also known as the Pearl of the Andaman, the island of Phuket features many miles of coast with gorgeous sandy bays and coves, with the famous tropical flora, the perfect place for water sports like sails and water ski, also tasting the typical fish and sea fruit based traditional cuisine. Phi Phi Island with their emerald coloured cliffs overlooking the sea is quite amazing, as are its beaches with thin, white sand, the best scenario for diving and discover the coral reef. For those loving the marine fauna, the island of Koh Lipe hosts the amazing Koh Tarutao National Marine Park, a park featuring 51 coral islands offering a one of a kind natural cross-section, the laying and hatching of sea turtles eggs.

Thermal Tourism

Thanks to its paradisiacal atmosphere, Thailand is also one of the ideal places for taking care of your own body and relaxing. The world famous tradition of Thai massages can be fund all over the Thai territory, up to the point the request of luxury spa and places for the care of the human body on both the physical and mental aspects is constantly increasing. Today, many well-known destination combine the typical tourist services with outstanding thermal spas, such as the elegant Bangkok spa, real places to regenerate your body and mind. The spiritual spa in Chiang Mai, a city on the banks of the Ping river; Ko Samui spa, along the Gulf of Thailand, and the Phuket spa with tits enchanting atmosphere.

Mountain Tourism

Those loving mountains and hiking cannot miss the mountain ranges in Northern Thailand, a natural landscapes that just waits to be discovered and enjoyed. The northern mountains reach all the way to the South, flanking Myanmar and featuring Mount Inthanon, Thailand’s highest peak and the Khorat highland. To hike and have fun, tourists generally choose the most popular, in vogue towns such as Chiang Dao, Mae Chaem, Doi Inthanon and Samonend. Hiking, mountain bike, rafting and rock climb are some of the most enjoyed activities on the mountain range.

Art, culture and tradition

Thailand is also a country full of art and culture. Thai art, went through the influence of many different cultures, starting from the autochthonous ones such Mon and Khemer, to be later influenced by China and India and, during the colonial and post-colonial era, Europe as well.
Art aficionados will be spellbound by its most famous monuments: religious temples, palaces and sculptures inspired by real or mythological animals. Besides being the first capital of Siam, Suhkotai, also known as “The town of happiness”, is one of Thailand most artistic towns, one full of art and history. Ayutthaya is characterised by Siamese temples and offers tourists its old ruins as an evidence of its old, glorious past and its monuments, so gorgeous to be chosen by Unesco as a World Heritage.


Thanks to its tropical climate and monsoons, in Thailand it is possible to travel throughout the year. You can find a typical monsoon, humid summer climate between May and October and, between November and April, a very dry winter weather.
The North of the country is less fresh in the wintertime compared to the South where the climate is more stable throughout the year and rain is more intense.
The best time to visit Thailand is without a doubt between March and May, with temperatures ranging between 25 and 35 degrees.


For those willing to visit Thailand, it is good to know a vast network of public transportation can be found all over the country and the main cities are well linked. The best way to reach Thailand is without a doubt by plane, thanks to the well organised and modern Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.
Once landed, it is easy to move with public transportation, using buses and other means.

The most diffused and used mean of transportation in Thailand cities is Tuk Tuk, a three wheeled, very coloured motorcycle-taxi. Another well diffused mean of transportation is the Trishaw, mainly used for small distances because of its slow pace.

It is a very well diffused three-wheel bicycle operated taxi, especially out of the main cities, the ideal choice to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape. State Railway of Thailand is also a well organised network, the most suitable mean of transportation for bigger distances. There are also other alternatives via the sea to reach the most external islands of the Thai Kingdom, such as speedboats, ferries and the famous Long Tail Boats, leaving every day from the early morning to the early afternoon, for a discovery of the wonders of Thailand.


Bath is Thailand currency unit.