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Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is situated south of Turkey and a short distance from the shores of the East Orient seas and Egypt. From a geographical point of the island, is a transcontinental territory, which is part of Europe and Asia at the same time. The capital of the Republic of Cyprus is Nicosia.

Climate. the island is Mediterranean-subtropical, with hot, dry summers and wet winters but tempered. The best time to visit the island is in the spring, the most fascinating to discover is the natural beauty of the island. Nature can offer exceptional views, as Cyprus is one of the main migration routes from Africa to Northern Europe and Asia and is home to over 300 different species of birds in the spring, the phenomenon is also seen with the landing of large flocks of flamingos that can offer a unique spectacle. The sea is pleasant for swimming, ideal for sunbathing and for taking part in many marine activities, from sailing to scuba diving.

The Capital. Nicosia is the most important city, being situated on the border between the two ethnic national areas, the prevalence of Greek in the south, and the prevalence of Turkey to the north. Unlike other large cities, Nicosia lies inland, far from the coast. Other important cities of the country are: Limassol, the second largest city by population after the capital. It is the main port to the south coast and the center of the major tourist and seaside; Pafos, the ancient port city at the western end of Cyprus, now called Kouklia, which was known for the presence of a sanctuary dedicated to Aphrodite.

The official languages ​​are Greek and Turkish. Cyprus is connected to the rest of the world mainly by air, the island has no rail network.
The tourist sites of interest in the island are: the impact of natural, enchanting beaches (sandy or rocky), but also rural paths, hiking, cycling. Heading out to the the sea, we recommend staying in one or both of the two main tourist areas, the area of ​​Paphos, and that of Protaras and Agia Napa, and then visting the many beaches off the beaten track. At Pafos are several archaeological sites of major importance: the mosaics of the House of Dionysus, mainly depicting scenes from Greek mythology, the Tombs of the Kings which are located near the sea, in the necropolis to the northwest of Pafos. This name was given mainly to their size and magnificence. Near Limassol instead you can find the archaeological site of Kourion, ongoing excavations revealing new and great treasures. Noted in particular for its magnificent Greek-Roman Theatre, Kourion boasts, among its treasures, including some villas with exquisite mosaic floors and an early Christian basilica.

Cypriot cuisine is typically Mediterranean, in some respects very similar to the Greek one. In the many taverns, there are fish dishes, meat or vegetarian dishes.