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One of the places that attracts the vast majority of tourists in the Netherlands is the Keukenhof botanical park, near the city of Lisse. In this park there are one hundred varieties of tulips, narcissus and hyacinths, making this park the most beautiful bulb flower field in the world. Spring is the ideal time to visit the Netherlands, and in our portal you can find some special offers for your spring break in the Netherlands.


Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, is also known as the "Venice of the north", because of the numerous canals that run through the city. Amsterdam is the main attraction of the country, with tourists interested in its artistic and historical heritage (for instance the beautiful Dam Square which is the site of the Royal Palace) and young tourists attracted by the lively nightlife, coffee shops and the red light district. In Amsterdam there is also the Van Gogh Museum, the public museum "Rijksmuseum" (with Flemish masterpieces) and the house of Anne Frank.
Other important cities are Delft, famous for its white and blue ceramics; The Hague, seat of the government and residency of the Royal Family; and the modern Rotterdam, the largest harbor in Europe.
Alkamaar, known for the cheese market, and Haarlem, famous for the museums and shops, are two more destinations that deserve a visit.
Utrecht is another city that should be found on your itinerary: the RietveldSchröder House is a UNESCO World Heritage.


The Netherlands are member of the European Union and border at East on Germany, at South on Belgium and at North and West on the Northern Sea. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, while the government, the Parliament and the Royalty have seat in The Hague. The International Justice Court and the International Penalty Court are based here in the Hague as well.
The main characteristic of the Netherlands is the flat territory: more than 50% of the land is not even a meter above the sea level. In order to prevent flooding, a huge dyke and pumping system has been created along the coast and in the vicinity of the rivers.


The weather is the Netherlands is mostly influenced by the ocean, and it is humid and overcast for the most part. Rain is frequent, although not intense throughout the year. Winters are not cold, with an average temperature of 3/3.5 °C in the southwestern region. May and June are the sunniest months of the year. The coastline is often windy.
The best time of the year to visit the Netherlands is from mid-May until mid-September, when the weather is nicer than the rest of the year. If you want to witness the blooming of the tulips, the best time to visit is May, even if temperatures are slightly cooler than in the summer months.
Spring is the best time to visit the Netherlands; in the Spring section of our website you can find interesting offers to spend spring in the Netherlands.

Means of transportation

The Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is one of the most important in the world. To get around while visiting the city, besides regular roads, there are many cycle paths, usedon a regular basis. You can also use public transportation, which is very efficient.

Languages in the netherlands

Nederland is the official language, although most people understand and speak English and many understand French and German as well.


The official currency is the Euro.