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Honduras is a republic in Central America, looking north-west of the Gulf of Honduras, north and east it is washed by the Caribbean Sea, bordered on the east by Nicaragua, to the south facing the Gulf of Fonseca and the Pacific Ocean to the west it borders with El Salvador and Guatemala. The official language is Spanish, but in the Islas de la Bahía prevails the English language. The most populous city of Honduras is Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán located in the valley.

The climate in Honduras and throughout Central America is tropical, temperate in the higher areas interior, where the annual average is around 21 ° C. The dry season lasts from November to May. The ideal time to visit the country is during the dry season between November and April. while for regard to the Caribbean, the best months are from March to May.

The main attractions of Honduras are many. One of the most interesting is located in proximity of the Motagua River, Copan is one of the best preserved archaeological sites throughout the Maya world. In the area of ​​the Acropolis, stands the Temple of Inscriptions, adorned with innumerable hieroglyphics. Through an extensive network of underground tunnels, initially not accessible to the public, you can see fascinating tombs and temples, including the famous temple of Lila Rose, the Temple of the Jaguars and the tomb of Galindo. You will have the opportunity to experience excursions within some parks including Macaw Mountain Nature Park, where you can spot the beautiful Scarlet Macaw parrots; Park Pico Bonito National, located in the spectacular rainforest, and Botanical Garden Lancetilla, located in Tela, where there are many tropical plants. A sea crystals and pristine caratterizato a fine white sand awaits you along the 750 kilometers of the north coast are lapped by the Caribbean Sea and the mythical city dotted with "historical" that back to the past, such as Puerto Cortes, Tela, La Ceiba and Trujillo.