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The Republic of Guatemala (Spanish: República de Guatemala, IPA: [re'puβlika ðe gwate'mala]) is a country in Central America, in the south of the continent of North America, situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered by Mexico to the north, Belize to the northeast, and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast. Motto: El Pais De La Eterna Primavera (English: "The Country of The Eternal Spring") Anthem: Guatemala Feliz Location of Guatemala Capital Guatemala City 14°38′ N 90°33′ W Largest city Guatemala City Official language(s) Spanish (Official) (23 indigenous languages have been officially recognised, but all transactions are in Spanish) Government President Constitutional democratic republic Óscar Berger Independence from Spain September 15, 1821 Area - Total - Water (%) 108,890 km² (103rd) 42,042 mi² 0.4 Population - July 2005 est. - [[As of |]] census - Density 14,655,189 (70th) 134.6/km² (55th) 348.6/mi² GDP (PPP) - Total - Per capita 2005 estimate $62.78 billion (71st) $4,300 (143rd) HDI (2003) 0.663 (117th) – medium Currency Quetzal (GTQ) Time zone - Summer (DST) (UTC-6) (UTC) Internet TLD .gt Calling code +502