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Greenland is the largest island in the world. Geographically, the island belongs to the American continent, politically rather is an autonomous territory of Denmark, it is situated in the far north Atlantic Ocean between Canada and Iceland. The island is not a member of the European Union. The capital is Nuuk, located on the west coast, near the fjord Godthåbsfjorden. Greenland has a mainly full of fjords along the coast of the country, the ice cap begins as soon as the fjords give way to the mainland. The island in the Atlantic Ocean north as far as the glaciers, while to the south is a gently undulating plateau. Almost all cities and human settlements arise a islets.

The climate in Greenland is polar, in the south of the country, we find a milder climate than the inner zone and the north. In the center of Greenland, frequently temperatures below -60 °C. Due to very hot summers by the end of the last century, the extension of the surface ice is shrinking. In spring and summer you can relax with a swim in the hot springs of the island of Uunartoq, right next to the massive iceberg. The ideal time to visit Greenland is from mid-July to the first week of September, the days are long, the tundra is full of wild flowers and animals. The official language is Danish.

The capital, Nuuk, is inhabited since the Vikings before moving to Inuit and Danes. The city assembles the old and the new, with the colonial port and its beautiful historic buildings. Among the main attractions in Nuuk, Greenland are the National Museum, which depicts the history of Greenland and where you can see the mummy of Qilakitsoq, but also Brættet covered market where you can buy fresh fish every day. Il Cultural Center Katuaq is an interesting example of architecture made with forms inspired by the aurora borealis and the elements of the Arctic landscapes, like icebergs and rocks. If you want to spend a family day together with your children, you can visit the Santa Claus House, where all the children can leave their letters.

Leaving the capital behind you, you will find an unforgettable experience fascinating expanses of ice, the ancient culture of the Inuit people, rich traces of Viking settlement, the animals of the place, the glacier of Ilulissat and the unforgettable iceberg. The fjord and glacier of Ilulissat have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, a huge mountain of ice that will leave you in suspense, a few miles away is the settlement of Sermermiut which preserves traces of Eskimo culture with the background of the massive iceberg. National Park in north-eastern Greenland many live specimens of wild animals, such as polar bears, walruses, seals, narwhal to and many species of birds. All Greenland waters are inhabited by several species of whales: the blue whale, the fin whale and the white whale. Returning to the snow-covered landscape can spot the many reindeer, but you can not leave the country if you have not met the famous sled dogs. Nuuk is surrounded by places rich in natural beauty, where you can admire breathtaking landscapes.

Another natural wonder is one of the midnight sun can be seen to the north-west of Kangerlussuaq and east of Tasiilaq, the phenomenon appears to be from mid-April until the end of August, while in Ilulissat, the sun remains in the sky 24 hours 24 from late May until the end of July. Visible from all over Greenland but also from the south of the country, the Aurora Borealis, which draws like a wave that seems to be made of soft velvet.

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