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Being a country overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the weather in Greece is Mediterranean. Nevertheless, the shape of the country allows a diversity of climates throughout the territory. The Pindus Mountains play a crucial role. The mountain areas in Greece have an Alpine climate and 80% of the country has them. Different is the situation along the coast, which is over 15000 km long. Greek summers are typically hot, especially in July and August.
The best months to visit Greece are June, May, April, September and October.
During winter, ski tourism is increasing in popularity throughout the mountain areas.


Travelling to Greece is relatively quick and convenient. You can get there by plane, train, car, ship or by combining together different transportation means.

The country's airports offer great connection with all main European cities.
The largest airport is the ATH Eleftherios Venizelos in Athens, followed by Thessaloniki's. From these airports you can take a second flight to the amazing Greek islands: summer is a busy time, the busiest of the year, and you can find a huge number of flights that take tourists to their destination of choice.