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The state of Georgia is located in the Caucasus and is bordered to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, to the east by Azerbaijan and to the west by the Black Sea. The rugged Caucasus mountain range forms the natural border between Asia and Europe. The very favorable geographical position makes Georgia an important meeting point, the traditions of East and West in the land crossed Georgian form a unique culture. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi, located north-east of the country.

The climate, thanks to the high mountains located on the border with the Armenian plateau, the climate is very pleasant. Georgia, however, has different climatic zones ranging from humid subtropical climate to the west of the country in a dry continental climate and temperate in the west. The North Caucasus protects the country from the cold wind from the north, while the climate is made even hotter by the Black Sea to the west. This circumstance allows the cultivation of grapes for wine production. The best time to visit the country is between the spring and summer, lovers of alpine skiing are most abundant snow on the mountains high from November to March. Georgia is a mountainous country located entirely on a plateau. To the north lies the great Caucasus and south are located on the western side of the small Caucasus and the Armenian plateau.

The capital, Tbilisi is also the largest city of Georgia, former capital of the RSS Georgiana. Tbilisi is situated in a beautiful location between the hills and crossed by the river Mtkvari, and its historic center (known locally as Kala) is certainly the most striking, Eurasian crossroads par excellence, a maze of narrow streets and sacred buildings. The most interesting sights of the capital and the most visited by tourists are from the Armenian Cathedral of St. George the area Abanotubani, place of sulfur baths, where you will also find fantastic Bathrooms Orbeliani, Narikala Fortress is one of the symbolic places of Tbilisi; some parts of its walls date back to the fourth century AD. Other historical points are: the Freedom Square, Europe Square, the Town Hall, Rustaveli Theatre and much more. The official language is Georgian.

In the whole territory of Georgia are many other attractions of the city not to be missed, such as: Kutaisi, the second largest city by population, to visit the city center and the absolutely Bagrati Cathedral, the building sits on top of the hill of Uk'imerioni. Batumi has one of the largest ports on the Black Sea, and capital of Adjara, an autonomous republic in the south-west of the country, in addition to the classic beach life, you can make day trips around Batumi, to visit are: the pier , the fountain university town, the botanical gardens of Cape Verde (Mtsvane Kontski), an oasis of peace in a dozen kilometers from Batumi. If you love nature and want to venture further into the fantastic scenery, you should go to Ushguli, a set of four small villages at the foot of Mount Shkhara, one of the highest in the Caucasus, in the villages Ushguli there are buildings that are part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are the typical ancient defense towers throughout the area. Recently, during the archeological excavations in the vicinity of Dmanisi (Kvemo Kartli region), were found skulls (Homo Dmanisi) Human older than 1.7 million years ago that testify to the existence of ancient human settlements in Europe as early an hour. You can walk paths admiring spectacular glaciers and majestic rocky peaks, in Tusheti, between wooded mountains and endless grassy meadows with nature.