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The Republic of Cameroon is a unitary republic of equatorial Africa. It is bordered to the northwest by Nigeria, to the north-east by Chad, the Central African Republic to the east, south-east with the Republic of Congo, and South Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. A part of the coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, where we find the Gulf of Guinea. The entire area sees a wide variety of environments and climates, changing from dry savannah of the north to equatorial rainforests. The territory. consists for the most part by a vast undulating plateau, which covers almost the entire central region and southern Europe. The climate. is tropical in Cameroon, in the south-west of the country, the climate is equatorial, hot and humid, with persistent rain throughout the year, but towards the north the climate becomes drier. The best time for a trip to Cameroon, are the coolest months and dry between November and February. The official languages ​​are French and English. The capital the country is Yaoundé, situated on a plateau in the southern part of the country.