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Eritrea is a country located on the Horn of Africa, the triangular-shaped peninsula located at the centre-east of the African continent. It is bordered by Sudan to the west, by Ethiopia to the south and by Djibouti to the southeast, while to the east it is kept wet by the Red Sea.

From a geographical point of view, Eritrea is literally divided into two parts by a branch of the East African rift; to the west of this rift there are fertile lands, while to the east there are mainly desert lands.
The climate is mild in the hills and on the plateau which runs from north to south, while it is very hot and humid in the lowlands that runs along the coast.

Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country, with nine distinct recognized ethnic groups. The predominant religions are Christianity and Islam.
The languages ​​mainly spoken in the country are Tigrinya, spoken by the same name ethnic group, and Arabic, but English and Italian are largely understood in Eritrea. Asmara is the capital of the country, but they are also important cities like the port city of Asseb, Massawa, Keren and Mendefera.