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The Republic of Paraguay (Spanish: República del Paraguay, pron. IPA [re'puβlika del para'ɣwaj], Guarani: Tetä Paraguáype) is a landlocked nation in South America. It lies on both banks of the Paraguay River, bordering Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. The name of the country means "water that goes to the water," derived from the Guaraní words pará ("ocean"), gua ("to/from"), and y ("water"). The expression in Guaraní often refers solely to Asunción, but in Spanish refers to the entire country.

Motto: Spanish: Paz y justicia (English: "Peace and justice") Anthem: Paraguayos, República o Muerte Capital Asunción 25°16′ S 57°40′ W Largest city Asunción Official language(s) Spanish, Guarani Government President Vice President Parliamentary democracy Nicanor Duarte Frutos Luis Castiglioni Joria Independence Declared From Spain May 14, 1811 Area - Total - Water (%) 406,750 km² (59th) 157,047 mi² 2.3% Population - July 2005 est. - Density 6,347,884 (100th) 15/km² (161st) 39/mi² GDP (PPP) - Total - Per capita 2005 estimate $30.9 billion (94th) $ 4,900 (137th) HDI (2003) 0.755 (88th) – medium Currency Guaraní (PYG) Time zone - Summer (DST) (UTC-4) (UTC-5) Internet TLD .py Calling code +595.