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Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles, 240 kilometers (150 mi) in length and as much as 80 kilometers (50 mi) in width situated in the Caribbean Sea. It is 630 kilometers (391 mi) east of the Central American mainland, 150 kilometers (93 mi) south of Cuba, and 180 kilometers (112 mi) west of the island of Hispaniola, on which Haiti and the Dominican Republic are situated. Its indigenous Arawakan-speaking Taíno inhabitants named the island Xaymaca, meaning either the "land of springs," or the "Land of wood and water." Formerly a Spanish possession known as Santiago, then the British West Indies Crown colony of Jamaica, the country's population is composed mainly of the descendants of former African slaves. It is the third most populous Anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada. Motto: Out of Many One People Anthem: Jamaica, Land We Love Capital Kingston 17°59′ N 76°48′ W Largest city Kingston Official language(s) English Government Monarch Governor-General Prime Minister Constitutional parliamentary democracy Queen Elizabeth II Kenneth Hall PJ Patterson Independence From West Indies Federation and the UK 6 August 1962 Area - Total - Water (%) 10,991 km² (159th) 4,244 mi² 1.5 Population - July 2005 est. - [[As of |]] census - Density 2,731,832 (137th) 252/km² (32nd) 653/mi² GDP (PPP) - Total - Per capita 2005 estimate $11.69 billion (136th) $4,300 (144th) HDI (2003) 0.738 (98th) – medium Currency Dollar (JMD) Time zone - Summer (DST) (UTC+5) (UTC) Internet TLD .jm Calling code +1-876