Bewertungen Hotel Be Live Experience Tuxpan

4 Sterne

  Ave Las Americas, Km 2, Varadero Matanzas Cuba, Varadero

  • Note 1.6/5 1.6/5
  • Aufenthalt 2/5 2/5
  • Preis 1.5/5 1.5/5
  • Zimmer 1/5 1/5
  • Lage 3/5 3/5
  • Sauberkeit 1/5 1/5
  • Empfang 1/5 1/5
  • Service 1.5/5 1.5/5
  • Business Service 0.5/5 0.5/5



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Tuxpan deludente

The room smelled strongly of closed and humidity. insufficient cleaning. insufficient and dirty linens (towels, sheets). but the worst part is the staff: indifferent and rude.


2/5 Details anzeigen

Unfortunately, not only quite terrible, but also a serious health hazard

The most important thing first: the entire building is moldy (see attached pics). black mold covers many walls up to the 4th floor, and the basement rooms (where you will most likely be placed if you book online) are so moist that your luggage will take on the mold smell after just half a day. we complained and were offered to change rooms – if we wait 2 days. if you value your health: avoid this hotel. further, this hotel boasts to have features like several bars, restaurants and even wifi. there are not. you may either eat at the shockingly dreadful buffet restaurant, or have a ham and cheese sandwich at the pool bar. i did see a burger being served at the beach bar once, but as everything in cuba: it’s unclear how many and when they will have them available. which might not be that bad, since a great many people get food poisoning and a multitude of other digestive symptoms from the food anyway. (you will find out if you just listen to anyone else doing their business in the lobby toilet). this may come from poor kitchen hygiene, or else from having the same food openly displayed over and over again in the heat 3 times a day, cute birds stalking among the bread and meat, bringing their bacteria and bird poop with them. to say something positive: i did lose 3kgs from constant diarrhea. they also do sell the dreaded state run wifi cards. but after unsuccessfully trying to connect for nearly a week, i threw the towel. fortunately, i was not alone, as most people hogging the lobby sport the same frustrated facial expressions. why they still keep selling the login code cards remains a mystery. not uncommon for cuba: nothing works. of 4 lamps in your room, usually only one works. elevator: broken, toilets: broken, toilet paper? what’s that? all understandable. it’s a troubled nation, but then please don’t pretend it’s a 4 star hotel. to top it all up: the staff attitude is rock bottom. although we met some few lovely and dedicated cleaning personnel, most of the service staff is outright refusing to do their job. it’s an all inclusive hotel, yet when you kindly ask for a drink they either stare you down with offended faces, or else ignore you altogether. and yes, what some other reviewer mentioned is true: if you are a white european you will be served last and worst. hearing things like “we don’t have gin or tonic”, while both bottles are standing right next to the barkeeper in plain sight is a daily occurrence. you will learn fast to only order simple drinks, so that you avoid offending the grumpy bartender, or so that you may get served at all. i don’t know whether they get indoctrinated in school that all europeans are imperialist demons, or if cubans are forced to work in hotels as a form of punishment, but it certainly doesn’t justify the horrendous prices they charge for a fraudulent setup like this. oh, and we shall not talk about the sexist and derogatory “evening entertainment”. i am not a liberalist hipster, but picking out female guests and demanding they do a “sexy walk” on stage, so that the host may rank them according to who is hottest is not particularly funny. the beach is one of the very best i have ever seen in my life. but then you can have that everywhere else in varadero as well.