Jugements Comfort Hotel Holberg

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  Strandgaten, 190, 5004 , Bergen

COMFORT HOTEL HOLBERG Etant donné son emplacement, l'hôtel convient parfaitement aux clients qui souhaitent séjourner à proximité des centres d'intérêt. Détails majeurs Comfort Hotel Holberg


  • Mention 2.9/5 2.9/5
  • Séjour 3/5 3/5
  • Prix 3/5 3/5
  • Chambres 4/5 4/5
  • Position 4/5 4/5
  • Propreté 4/5 4/5
  • Réception 1/5 1/5
  • Services 2/5 2/5
  • Services d'affaires 2/5 2/5

 Commentaires des hôtes

Leicester, Grande-Bretagne

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Bergen comfort holberg

Quite a good location, with clean rooms and a good breakfast. however, the reception staff did the bare minimum when asked for help (e.g. q: "please could you unlock the luggage room?" a: "not a problem". what she did not say was that she unlocked it by remote button from the desk and that it would only be unlocked for a minute. i'm standing near the room staring at her for the best part of 5 minutes, waiting for her to come over. one of the chefs was very rude to my wife who had arrived after midnight and just missed breakfast the next morning. specifically - q: "could i have a bread roll?" a: "no you can't". and this when he was still clearing the meat, cheese, etc away. in addition, the coffee machines near reception and some dishes at reception were poorly refilled.