Need a hotel room for few hours during the day?

Why should people look for day rate hotels? Why should you need daytime hotel rooms?

It could be for a break in-between meetings if you are on a business travel, to get pampered in a luxury hotel Spa or take a snap between 2 flights. And what about lovers looking for some intimacy?

Now you can book your daytime hotel rooms for day-use and enjoy all the services available in the hotel, from the wellness centre to the restaurant, from the swimming pool to the free Wi-Fi, depending on your needs.

We can provide you with a special day use hotel room in a large number of cities in Italy!
We have dayuse hotels in Rome, day hotel rooms in Milan, day rate hotels in Bologna, rooms for the day in Naples and day rate hotels throughout Italy, from Turin to Verona, from Florence to Catania.

Find your hotel room for day use and make yourself at home.

Many people wonder “Can I book a hotel room for a day?”.

The answer is “Yes, you can book a hotel room for the day in a hotel with day rooms.

Italy has a large assortment of hotels for day use: each day use hotel offers convenient hotel day rates, allowing guests who need to book a room just for few hours to enjoy the hotel just for the day, services included. In particular, hotels that offer day use wellness are much appreciated by users who can access their modern and fully-equipped Spas at very convenient rates.

From the motel by the hour clichè to a pleasant hotel daybreak

Nowadays, the idea of a hotel day use has nothing to do with the stereotype of the shabby and dirty motel, which is still present in everyone's mind.
Today, hotels for the day are in most cases elegant and well-furnished accommodation that have decided to let their rooms be rented by the hour during the day, let's say between 10 in the morning up to 9 or 10 in the evening, with no need to spend the night there.
In this way, users have the chance to enjoy a large choice of services at the hotel for a day: services include Wi-Fi connection, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, wellness facilities, fitness room, meeting rooms and so on, namely anything the hotel can offer at day rates.

Day Hotels and Wellness

Often deluxe hotels have excellent Spa and wellness facilities. If they join the large community of day hotels, users have the great chance to use these facilities in daytime, even if they are not traditional guests and do not spend the night at the hotel.
Usually, hotel day rates for wellness are very convenient.
All you need to do is to book a day room in one of our hotels, get dressed and relax yourself in the hotel day use wellness centre, where the qualified team will take care of you.