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Countdown to Easter 2018 has begun!
If you are thinking where you'd like to spend your Easter holidays, you can try and find some inspiration checking out our special deals for Easter. Close your eyes and imagine how you want to spend Easter dates 2018!

What type of holiday would you plan for Easter this year?

We'd like to present you two interesting ideas for:
  1. a pleasant Easter weekend in Europe
  2. a memorable holiday around the world

What about spending Easter school holidays somewhere in Europe?

Perhaps you would like to celebrate this Easter in a beautiful European city.
Could be Rome, the Eternal city, or Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, two of the most extraordinary cities in Italy.
Presumably you will be glad to know that, over Easter, both cities offer interesting events connected with Easter celebrations, besides their classical cultural, artistic and natural attractions that made them appreciated all over the world.

In Rome, over Easter, several museums promote the culture with free admissions to exhibitions.
Absolutely spectacular, the Way of Cross, the procession celebrated on Good Friday evening by the Pope himself to represent the latest dramatic events of the Passion of Christ.
If you like, you can join the thousand of people that gather in St. Peter Square on Easter Sunday to attend the Holy Mass.

In Florence, you will have the chance to take part in an ancient tradition, the so-called Explosion of the Cart. (Read our blog post if you need more information on the event).

Alternatively, if you'd like to spend your Easter Holidays in UK, we recommend Edinburgh in Scotland, eclectic and charming as ever: do not miss the traditional egg rolling on Arthus's Seat.

Last, but not least. Are you looking for a seaside destination with plenty of sun? Then the island of Malta can be the right choice for you.

Easter holiday deals around the world

What about New Orleans, in the States, famous for its colourful parades and the Easter egg hunting in City Park?

Or, you can think of a special and exotic trip to Cape Verde, a group of magnificent islands off the western coast of Africa: here you will be able to spend delighful and relaxing Easter holiday dates.

To conclude, we'd like to mention our last minute Easter breaks in Tokyo, Japan: the month of April is the right time to be there and admire the spectacular cherry blossoms (sakura in Japanese).

No matter what kind of Easter weekend breaks you are after, to find and reserve the hotel you are looking for will be easy as pie.
If you need extra information, why don't you take a look at the our article "Where to Go on Holiday over Easter?" published on our blog?
In case noone of the aforementioned options suits you, go to our Home Page and use the search box there where you can enter a specific destination or even a specific hotel.