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Hotelführer Rom

Dayuse-Hotels Rom

Now you can book a hotel room in Rome at very convenient prices, enjoying the so-called day-use formula. In other words, hotels offers their rooms by the hour at a specific dayuse rate.

From old-fashioned motels to luxury day use hotels

It is not something completely new, considering the fact that motels have been existing for so long.
What is really new is that these hotels are not shabby and démodé buildings, located in the suburbs and attended by customers of questionable morals.
On the contrary, to join the large community of day use hotels, you must qualify as a world-class hotel, usually not below 3 stars, that can offer its guests high-quality services such as wellness centre, swimming pool, gym, conference centre and the free Wi-Fi. All the services provided by the hotel are included in the day-use rate.

Breathtaking view over Rome from the bar at Hotel La Griffe MGallery Collection
Day use rooms in Rome at Hotel La Griffe MGallery Collecton

Day use hotel: daytime guests

Who are the daytime guests looking for day break hotels?
They are mostly businessmen and entrepreneurs who travel for work, often over long distances, and need a room to rest, freshen up or even to work.
Besides businessmen, there are also tourists, visiting sports teams and, of course, couples that feel like enjoying a romantic interlude during the day, even better if they can enjoy the hotel day Spa.

Day use formula in Rome

Now, all these people have the chance to find a hotel by the hour in Rome and surroundings, whatever their needs are, flipping through a rich selection of day use hotels that offer their own rooms and services for day use.

Hotels offering the day-use option include the Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter's (4-stars) and 5-star the Palazzo Montemartini. For a complete list of hotels day use in Rome or to book a room now, you can go this page.

In particular, both in Rome and in other Italian cities, users seem to appreciate hotels providing a day use Spa service, namely the chance to use the hotel wellness facilities, included in the room rate.
Apart from the Spa, what are the most coveted hotel services for day use? No doubt, swimming pools, starred restaurants, lounge bars, conference centre and meeting rooms. Users are also interested in swimming pools, starred restaurants and meeting rooms.

Enjoy the open-air swimming pool at Hotel Radisson Blu Es in Rome Thanks to day use formula you can enjoy the swimming pool at Hotel Radisson Blu Es in daytime, from 10am to 9pm
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