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Hotelführer Mailand

Dayuse-Hotels in Mailand

Also in Milan, the nerve center of new trends and fashions, many exclusive hotels have joined the innovative Day Use formula and offer guests the chance to book a room for some hours during the day.

The old motels by the hour, in most cases, modest hotels, with few stars and few services, evolved.
Today hourly hotels are elegant and sophisticared accommodation, from 3 to 5 stars, providing their guests with top-quality services, such as Spa, swimming pool, conference centre, restaurant, gym and thus far.

These hotels, whose overnight rates are too expensive for the great majority of people, become accessible during the day thanks to special tariffs: the difference between day use rate and night tariff is remarkable, reaching even 70% off, if compared to the night rate.

View over Milan from a dayuse room at Hotel Ramada Plaza
Luxury rooms by the hour at the Hotel Ramada Plaza, in Milan

Many customers ask for the day use Spa option in Milan, taking advantage of the convenient daytime rate offered by several local hotels. They are mostly women who want to take care of their body in modern and qualified wellness centres or couples that want to enjoy some wellness treatments together.

Being Milan a city where every day businessmen get to, the day break option perfectly meets the needs of this market segment, offering them a space to work, to freshen up between meetings, to rest between 2 flights or to organize a corporate event.

Day Use formula has been greeted with enthusiasm by hoteliers themselves who can produce extra earning using empty rooms during the day. In a period of global crisis like the one we are experiencing now, creating new revenue opportunities, as an alternative to the traditional ones, can really make a huge difference.
This is the reason why day use hotels have been spreading so fast not only in Milan, but also in other important Italian cities, like Rome and the romantic Venice.

Open-air cafè/bar at DoubleTree by Hilton in Milan
Day Use Formula at the DoubleTree by Hilton, in Milan

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